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Jack Johnston
 Special   Message   From   Enviromax    
Enviromax has always approached things from a different point of view. After
all we are located in Fairbanks Alaska! Ten years ago we patented the world's
first external prostate massager to help make prostate massage more simple,  
easy and accessible for men.

There are a host of health benefits from prostate massage according to a
variety of sources
, including Harvard Medical School. It's simple: Prostate
massage increases circulation
, and it can also make men feel better than
they ever dreamed possible!

The prostate is a muscle and a gland. It can be strengthened just like any

other muscle. Think about how body builders increase the size of their
muscles. A strong and healthy prostate
muslce can experience hands-free
Male Multiple Orgasms" and "Super Orgasms" all triggered by gentle
prostate massage!

"The Prostate Cradle is the greatest invention I can think of...
 I've been sitting here having waves of O's...This secret
 needs to get out to all men!" - J.M.

The Cradle has a revolutionary design because men can safely massage their
prostate in the comfort of their home wearing light clothing. This helps remove
the old prostate taboo. Charlie Glickman refers to the Cradle as being a cure
for "Anal-Phobia" in his book:
"The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure."

People always ask: Which is better, internal or external prostate massage?
The answer is both! Each technique focuses on a different area of the prostate.
Both massage methods get the job done! This is why we proudly recommend
the very finest brand of internal prostate massagers which are
designed for men and women.

The Prostate Cradle was invented as a health device for men, but right away
customers began reporting they were having the best orgasms of their life
while sitting on the Prostate Cradle.
Thank you early supporters! Then one
night the inventor experienced a Super Orgasm --
Purely by accident!   

After this experience his prostate began to glow with good feelings all the
time. He knew he had to create a website in order to share this discovery
with the rest of the world. Since that time, he has traveled further, exploring
the mystery glands of the body
like the pineal, and the mystery schools of
the world. Jack Johnston with is a highly resourceful teacher
and guide
for male and female multiple orgasms.

"No matter at what level we begin, there are always three
higher levels to physical health, and sexual health, and
perhaps spiritual health too!"
- Joe  

This website was created to share the life changing discoveries we have made
over the last ten years with people all over the world. We invite you to join us
on a parallel journey of discoveries. We can begin it right now.

For example: Did you know that both men and women have a prostate?
The prostate is located in a similar area for both sexes, and it performs similar
functions. Lubrication of the sex parts. But the prostate can be so much more...

Ancient texts refer to the prostate as a gateway to the universe!

The prostate can be re-wired, and re-coded to glow with fantastic feelings all
the time. The secret code is simple: Gentle massage stimulation. Orgasmic
sensations can then be channelled up the spine, instead of being "wasted"
in just the lower body. Good feelings can radiate continuously throughout the
whole body like a fountain. This is called a full body orgasm. The journey of
discoveries goes on forever, we travel alone and together, and then we

  The body is a Golden Compass, if you know how to read it.
A Magic Flute, if you know how to play it. A Vessel of Light
when the light is let in... Discover how to let your light shine!

Caution: Great care must be taken to gradually build muscles and reflexes.  
When the secrets to multiple orgasms are discovered, it may be tempting

to over do it. Instead, try to slow down and enjoy each step. Travel not too
far each day. Consult with health professionals.
"Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social
well being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease,
dysfunction or infirmity. Sexual health requires a positive and respectful
approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility
of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion,
discrimination and violence." – C.D.C.
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